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Sunday, May 01, 2005

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中英文双语情感文章:爱只是一根线(Love Is Just a Thread )

http://www.backchina.com 倍可亲 2005/03/27 03:03 稿件来源: 长喜欢乐英语
Sometimes I really doubt whether there is love between my parents. Every day they are very busy trying to earn money in order to pay the high tuition for my brother and me. They don’t act in the romantic ways that I read in books or I see on TV. In their opinion, “I love you” is too luxurious for them to say. Sending flowers to each other on Valentine’s Day is even more out of the question. Finally my father has a bad temper. When he’s very tired from the hard work, it is easy for him to lose his temper.

  One day, my mother was sewing a quilt. I silently sat down beside her and looked at her.

  “Mom, I have a question to ask you,” I said after a while.

  “What?” she replied, still doing her work.

  “Is there love between you and Dad?” I asked her in a very low voice.

  My mother stopped her work and raised her head with surprise in her eyes. She didn’t answer immediately. Then she bowed her head and continued to sew the quilt.

  I was very worried because I thought I had hurt her. I was in a great embarrassment and I didn’t know what I should do. But at last I heard my mother say the following words:

  “Susan,” she said thoughtfully, “Look at this thread. Sometimes it appears, but most of it disappears in the quilt. The thread really makes the quilt strong and durable. If life is a quilt, then love should be a thread. It can hardly be seen anywhere or anytime, but it’s really there. Love is inside.”

  I listened carefully but I couldn’t understand her until the next spring. At that time, my father suddenly got sick seriously. My mother had to stay with him in the hospital for a month. When they returned from the hospital, they both looked very pale. It seemed both of them had had a serious illness.

  After they were back, every day in the morning and dusk, my mother helped my father walk slowly on the country road. My father had never been so gentle. It seemed they were the most harmonious couple. Along the country road, there were many beautiful flowers, green grass and trees. The sun gently glistened through the leaves. All of these made up the most beautiful picture in the world.

  The doctor had said my father would recover in two months. But after two months he still couldn’t walk by himself. All of us were worried about him.

  “Dad, how are you feeling now?” I asked him one day.

  “Susan, don’t worry about me.” he said gently. “To tell you the truth, I just like walking with your mom. I like this kind of life.” Reading his eyes, I know he loves my mother deeply.

  Once I thought love meant flowers, gifts and sweet kisses. But from this experience, I understand that love is just a thread in the quilt of our life. Love is inside, making life strong and warm..

Love Is Just a Thread 爱只是一根线















Review Sentences (I)

1. Carla's husband really made her angry because he didn't clean up his mess. He's in the doghouse.

2. Mary went through the buffet and took a lot of food. She's too full to eat it. Her eyes were bigger than her stomach.
3. I asked a woman when her baby was due and found out that she wasn't even pregnant. I put my foot in my mouth.
4. Martin didn't like speaking in front of so many people. He had butterflied in his stomach.
5. Sabring is always working. She has her regular job plus she volunteers at the school, does work at church and takes care of her family. She's really burns the candle at both end.
I think she is doing too much. She has many ions in the fire.
6.We went from store to store in an attempt to find the "perfect gift" for our friend. It was a futile effort. We just wasted a lot of time, never accomplishing anything. It felt like we were on a wild goose chase.
7. Right before the actors went on stage, the director wished them luck by saying, "break a leg!"
8. If you want to be successful in that job, you must put forth some effort. You really have to put your nose to the grindstone.
9. Fred had put off doing his homework until 10:00 pm. At that point he realized that he had not brought his math book from school. It was too late to call anyone and there was nothing he could do to get the math problems. He was in one ear and out the other ear.

Practice Dialogues (II)

A: Hey! Come in.
B: Sorry to come over at such a late hour.
A: No problem. I'm glad you came. Has something come up?
B:I've come up against a problem with getting the money for my new house.
A: Come on... what are you talking about? I thought you just found out that you had come into a lot of money from your grandmother.
B: No she decided she wouldn't give me the money after all. She's come up with a new plan. Now she says that I have to wait until she dies to get the money.
A: Oh come on...she could live forever!
B:I know. That's why I have a problem. Unless she comes around, I'm stuck!
A: Don't worry. She'll come to her senses soon.
B: I doubt it and besides I've got to have the money now. If I don't come up with the down payment soon I'll lose the house.
B: Come on friend. Let's go. I can't help you with the money for the house but I can spring for a cup of coffee.

Vacabulary Review (II)

It was hard for the employee to work with their boss who was always breathing down the necks, watching every move they made. He didn't seem to trust their work. One of the employee was quite uninhibited and decided that they needed to confront the boss. He suggested that the employees stage a prostest. The boss got wind of their plans and became even mor imposing. This didn't stop the employee. Their protest gained momentum as more and more people found out aboutit. The feelings of dissatisfaction permeated the workforce and soon the majority of workers plow straight into opposition. Their courage was quite disarming and caused many to take notice. Finally, the boss resigned and the company prospered because the workers were happy.

Vacabulary Review (I)

Marta's husband was dumbstruck when Marta told him that she was going to have triplets. For several days after he found out, he walked around with a dazed look on his face. He had not been expecting to have more than one child so the news of three babies really caught him off guard. Thankfully, Marta introduced Jim to another couple, Fred and Tonya, who also had triplets. Fred took Jim under his wing and tried to alleviate Jim's fears. Jim told Fred that he was afraid having triplets would wreak havoc in their family. Fred replied,"It won't always be smooth sailing but you'll be fine!" You'll be exhausted, but it will be a lot of fun!

Practice Dialogues (I)

A: You really need to get on with it.
B: I know... but I just can't seem to get over her.
A: Oh, get a grip. You don't get it do you?
B: Get what?
A: She's not worth getting so uptight over.
B: I guess you're right. I need to get into something else so I can get over her and on with things.
A: Yeah man! Stop sitting around moping about your lost love. Get a life!