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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Practice Dialogues (II)

A: Hey! Come in.
B: Sorry to come over at such a late hour.
A: No problem. I'm glad you came. Has something come up?
B:I've come up against a problem with getting the money for my new house.
A: Come on... what are you talking about? I thought you just found out that you had come into a lot of money from your grandmother.
B: No she decided she wouldn't give me the money after all. She's come up with a new plan. Now she says that I have to wait until she dies to get the money.
A: Oh come on...she could live forever!
B:I know. That's why I have a problem. Unless she comes around, I'm stuck!
A: Don't worry. She'll come to her senses soon.
B: I doubt it and besides I've got to have the money now. If I don't come up with the down payment soon I'll lose the house.
B: Come on friend. Let's go. I can't help you with the money for the house but I can spring for a cup of coffee.


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